Toca 10" Colorsound Tambourine - Black

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Aside from their bright and happy musical sound, tambourines have alwaysbeen fun to play. Toca's Colorsound Tambourines now add a visualelement to the fun by offering a choice of five vibrant colors,including red, green, blue, white, and hot pink. The tambourines'lightweight 10" exotic Acacia hardwood shells make them easy to play andadaptable to any musician's style.

But Colorsound Tambourines aren't just about good looks. They'realso carefully crafted for great sound. They come fitted with bothnickel-plated and brass-plated jingles in a double-row format. Thisdesign balances the overall jingle sound to project a combination of dryand lively tones. Meanwhile, the pins that hold the jingles in theshell feature a unique design that prevents pull-out-ensuring a greatperformance for years to come.

Best of all, the terrific looks and great sound of Toca'sColorsound Tambourines come at a very affordable price. They are sure tobe an attractive choice for players of all ages!

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