Learn to Play Bluegrass Banjo; by John Lawless - Lesson 1 Get Started

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Your first banjo lesson! Get started on the right foot and start playing music you enjoy right away
  • Learn how to tune your banjo
  • Learn how to read tablature
  • Learn how to restring your banjo
  • Learn how to fit and use banjo picks
  • Learn how to hold the banjo and the basics of proper left and right hand positioning
  • Learn how to ensure that your banjo is set up properly when you start
  • Learn some simple chords and picking patterns and start playing songs right away!
  • Learn how to pick out the basic melody for several familiar songs
A recurring complaint we have heard from new players is that so many beginner books or videos try to cover too much material, too rapidly for the average inexperienced student to quickly absorb. The Learn To Play Bluegrass Banjo DVDs cover smaller amounts of information, but in a much more thorough manner - with careful, detailed explanations and lots of close up views of both hands.

Product Number: DLPB1
Format: DVD
Series: Acutab
Publisher: Acutab Publications
Date Published: 4/23/2007

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