Protection Racket 12x8 Standard Tom Case w/ No Rims

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One Piece Construction: effortless to use no need to muck about with lids buckles and straps. No buckles to break no straps to break. The Stitching Thread: Bonded nylon that doesn't deteriorate and holds the case together even if an area of stitching is breached. Double Stitching: To first complete the wall and two ends separately and then to join them together giving twice the security at the corners and edges for greater protection and durability. The Webbing Handles & Seams: 1,500 kilo breaking strength giving enormous load carrying capacity. Handles Vertically Mounted on Seam: Both handle and seam are doubly secure by the former being stitched to the seam's 1,500 kilo breaking strength webbing, rather than to the body of the case. Zips: Heavy duty nylon spiral chain, indestructible, waterproof, rot proof!

If you are in any doubt about whether you require RIMS or Non-RIMS size, simply take a tape measure to your tom and measure the distance between the shell and tom arm mount. If the distance is over .75" you will need RIMS size cases

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