Black Swamp GB24 Gear Bag

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Specs:24" long, 10" wide, 12" deep

Wondering how you're going to transport all your gear to the gig tonight without looking like your headed into the office? Wish you had a bag big enough to store multiple percussion accessories, sticks, music, metronomes and more, all while keping them orgainzed and protected? Try our padded cordura gear bag with shoulder strap and carry handles.

Peer inside and you'll see an open area with two side wall pockets. The open area fits castanet machines, cowbells, woodblocks, shakers, etc, while the side wall pockets will store your castanets, triangles, triangle beaters, or other small accessories. A removable padded divider creates three separate compartments on the other side. Each compartment can fit a 10" tambourine, woodblocks, or similarly sized instrument. The divider is attached with velcro, so you can quickly and easily remove it to access the entire length of the bag.

On the outside, a large front pocket houses bass drum beaters, chime mallets, tam-tam beaters, or snare drum stand if feeling frisky.

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