Adams Professional Gen II Cambered Copper Timpani Full Set - 20", 23", 26", 29", 32"

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The slogan "Sound of Quality" perfectly reflects where Adams stands for. Brand values which can be found back in the complete organization. Adams continuously applies developments which lead to improvements in sound, but also in durability. It may be clear that Adams, with all those developments, had big influence on the evolution of the timpani. With the introduction of the Professional GenII, Adams once again sets the standard in technique, sound and durability.

New patented Balanced Action Pedal Mechanism Professional GenII timpani now feature the all?new patented Balanced Action Pedal Mechanism as used on the Revolution Series with adjustable spring tension. With this mechanism, the pedal action is smooth and offers the player an extended tuning range with a familiar balanced feel and adjustability via a tension knob.

The Professional GenII Bowl is suspended from a single flange chrome plated steel ring supported by strong struts for maximum sustain and projection.

New large commercial grade double-locking, double-wheel swivel casters and stylish base legs with a wider stance, offer the drum more stable support while being played, and safer manoeuvrability. The Professional GenII drums also feature an integrated locking 3rd wheel assembly on the player's side with two permanently affixed wheels and brake allowing for nearly effortless instrument moving.

The new Adams pedal system used on the Professional GenII, is the only Balanced Action Pedal Mechanism in the world that allows you to play with calf heads.

Unique to the Professional Generation 2 timpani is the range extender. A handle within reach allows the player to extend the range of the instrument (by about 2 tones). For example, the player can adjust his drums to play a low D on a 29" timpani or a low F on a 26". This feature on Adams Professional Generation 2 gives even greater flexibility to the timpanist.

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