Dream Contact 24" Small Bell Flat Ride Cymbal

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The CONTACT series, known for a brighter stick presence and livelier response - like the BLISS series is also completely handmade, hand hammered and shaped. Composed of B23 alloy they also feature a slightly deeper profile and disproportionately larger bell promoting crash power and sustain. CONTACTS's also feature a medium-thin thin edge - another crash-promoting design feature.

The stick feel is very lively, the pitch higher but still rich and warm. Faster speaking and higher energy, these the CONTACT series also possess depth and complexity in the undertone and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward and upward. Like all of our cymbals, they exhibit a trademark ease of speaking plus a crystalline ping that also opens up for short crash punctuations strong enough to turn heads, big time!

The 24" CONTACT is the fastest responding cymbal we make, letting those fast ride patterns burst from the cymbal almost effortlessly. Once again this cymbal has a half cup bell and thicker profile resulting in a ride that can be felt and heard almost effortlessly. Care has been taken to create a wash that supports the ride with a power that won't mask the other frequencies in the band. As in the BLISS 24, unleashed with accents the CONTACT 24 will roar when provoked, but the wash is quickly under control when you back off again. Truly a remarkable cymbal in its possibilities.

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