Portastand Portable Music Stand - Twill Dark Green Cover

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This portable music stand is constructed of non-corrosive metal and is height adjustable from 58" down to 23", with a shelf that measures 14"x22". It is light enough to carry, yet sturdy enough to display the heaviest of standard books comfortably. Portastand's desk has a perfectly tailored cover made of beautiful weatherproof nylon cordura fabric, giving it a very classy look.

The fabric cover has an inner lining made of a soft cotton blend to create two pockets in the rear specifically designed to carry music. When not connected to the tripod, the desk has a leg on the back designed for tabletop use. Another feature of the case/cover design is a place to keep your writing utensils. The case/cover has two slots on the back designed to store the tripod. When the tripod is in storage position it is secure enough to double as a handle for carrying. Or, if you need both hands free, Portastand has two grommets to accommodate a shoulder strap.

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