Allen & Heath ZED Series 4-Bus Mixer w/USB I/O - ZED-436 - 32 Input

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Designed for live sound and recording applications. The ZED 4-Bus series benefits from several new design elements, including a new duo pre mic preamp and optimized MusiQ EQ section. 6 Aux sends with Aux 1&2 being dedicated as pre fader for monitor mixes, 3&4 switchable pre/post and 5&6 as dedicated EFX sends post fader. Aux 5&6 can also be send to the integrated USB I/O for use as effects sends. The ZED 4-bus was designed as a no compromise Live Sound/PA mixer for those on a more budget minded approach.

The ZED-436 has a fantastic pedigree which comes from nearly 40 years of making mixing desks for the professional sound community. The audio circuitry is based on years of continual development and refinement and the performance of all the elements within the mixer is has been perfected to ensure the very best sound quality possible.

This is a mixer for anyone, from entry-level to professionals, who appreciates fantastic sound, rugged build quality and imaginative feature sets. It'll be equally happy running your gig on stage, recording live or mixing down in your studio at home.

We've teamed up with major software supplier, Cakewalk, to bundle its SONAR LE music creation and audio production software with ZED, giving you a fantastic, high spec digital audio workstation.

  • 4-band EQ with 2 swept mids and in/out switch
  • 6 auxiliary sends (2 pre, 2 post, 2 pre/post)
  • 4 sub groups fed from each channel
  • L, R and M main mix outputs
  • Individual channel 48V phantom power
  • Direct output on every mono channel
  • 2 dual stereo inputs with 4-band EQ
  • Peak and signal indication on every channel
  • 2 matrix sections available; can send output to USB
  • Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
  • Master level controls on all outputs
  • Easy to use layout ? all connections and controls on top surface
  • Cakewalk SONAR LE bundled with mixer

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