Vestax PMC 55 4-Channel DJ Club Mixer - USED

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The Vestax PMC-55 DJ Mixer is a superb, high-end club mixer that has an incredibly accurate high-end frequency response and a wide, deep bottom end. The PMC-55 uses high quality Voltage Controlled Amplification (VCA) chips that not only increase the life of the fader, but also give the fader a more solid response. With no less than 12 input options, including 8 top panel input options for easy access, this mixer applies some of the most amazing technology available producing some warm beautiful mixes along the way.

Please Note:
  • This is a USED item.
  • Channel 4 volume fader is missing.
  • Power cord has been replaced.

  • Powerful 4/7 channel mixing instrument with 4 phono and 8 line inputs
  • 3-Band Eq. with Cut function
  • Various effect processing facilities on each channel
  • Special programmable protect functions for save PA-operation
  • Faders user replaceable 60mm input fader and 60mm cross fader
  • Line inputs and effects connection on front panel for visiting players and mobile effectsTechnical Description
  • Input
  • Phono inputs: stereo (RIAA -42dBv; RCA) x 4
  • Line inputs: stereo (-10dBv; RCA) x 8
  • Mic. Inputs: (-60dBv; 1/4 in.) x 3
  • Effects return: stereo (-10dBv; RCA) x 4
  • Master loop return: stereo (-10dBv; RCA)
  • Aux. return: stereo (-10 dBv; 1/4 in.) x 2
  • Output
  • Master out 1: stereo (0/-10/-20dBv selectable; XLR balanced, 0dBv; 1/4 in. unbalanced)
  • Master out 2: stereo (0/-10/-20dBv selectable; XLR balanced, 0dBv; 1/4 in. unbalanced)
  • Booth out: stereo (0 dBv; 1/4 in.)
  • Cue out: stereo (0dBv; 1/4 in.)
  • Monitor headphone out: stereo (80 mW; 1/4 in.)
  • Aux. send: stereo (-10dBv; 1/4 in.)
  • Effects send: stereo (-10 dBv; RCA) x 4
  • Master loop send: stereo (-10dBv; RCA)
  • Channels
  • 4/7 Channels, (4 stereo, 3 mono)
  • Channels 1-4: Input switch phono/line/line; Input trim (hidden program switch -20dB/-10dB/0dB)
  • Balance control: L-R; Eq. switch: in-out; 3-band equaliser: low +6/-24 dB at 80 Hz, mid +6/-24 dB at 500Hz, high +6/-24 dB at 8kHz (Every single Equaliser has a boost cancel switch to +0/-24dB range); LED bar level indicator
  • Aux. selector: pre-out-post; Assign switches: master 1 in-out, master 2 in-out
  • Cue switch: off-on with LED indicator, crossfader assign switch A-master-B; Input fader 60mm (user replaceable)
  • Channels 5-7 (Mic): Volume control, off-on switch; Equaliser: low +/- 16dB, high +/- 16dB; level control; talkover control; talkover button: in-out
  • Master Section
  • Master 1: output level, Master 2: output level, stereo output level bar display switchable to Master 1 or Master 2
  • Aux: aux send control; aux receive control; loop switch: on-off
  • Booth monitor: select switches, Master 1, Master 2, or Cue. Booth monitor volume control
  • Monitor: Phones level control; Select switches: Cue, Master or Aux
  • Crossfader: Channel A-B; Transformer button A,B; crossfadercurvecontrol
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz +0/-1dB
  • Signal to Noise: >120dB

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