Primacoustic Corner Mount Impalers, Broadway? Acoustic Panel Mounting Options

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Broadway panels may be mounted in various methods to suit your specific application. In addition to using typical screws and adhesives Primacoustic has developed a series of impalers to provide the installer with a simple, quick and effective method of mounting Broadway acoustic panels onto walls without causing serious surface defacement.

Each impaler features a series of sharp protruding darts that penetrate the panel to secure it in place. To ensure panels do not get dislodged after installation, applying a dab of construction adhesive to the impaler during the mounting process adds another level of security and reduces opportunity for tampering. Impalers are installed using typical sheet rock anchors and screws.
  • Simple mounting system anyone can do!
  • Perfect for all types of installations
  • Easy to relocate without marring the walls
  • Choice of wall, corner, and offset impalers

For greater bass absorption, corners are the ideal target in which to place bass traps. Primacoustic Corner Impalers are easy to install with a V-shaped design equipped with pivoting darts for left-hand or right-hand wall mounting. A typical 24" x48" Broadway panel will create a 17" deep corner cavity and provide excellent bass absorption down to the trouble some 100Hz region. Stacked panels in corners produce a seamless look that is esthetically appealing and highly effective.

  • Material: 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Dimensions: 3" (76mm) x 5" (127mm); 45° angle for 90° corners.
  • Attachment Points: 4 x (Use appropriate fastener for wall surface)
  • Max Load Limit: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg.) Dependant on wall fastener
  • Number per box: 8 pieces

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