Primacoustic Broadway 24" x 48" Broadband Absorptive Panels, Box of 6, 2" Depth, Beveled Edges, Black

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Broadway Broadband Absorbers present an attractive, 'easy to install' solution for acoustic treatment where you want maximum control over primary reflections, and need to eliminate flutter echo and reduce standing waves.

Broadway Broadband Absorbers come in choice of 3 thicknesses and 3 colors and may be ordered with our without a beveled edge. Broadband Absorbers are used in the Stratus Cloud and variants are found in the FullTrap, MaxTrap and G-Trap systems, making them our most popular and flexible panel.
  • High density absorptive panels
  • Effectively controls primary reflections
  • Easy to install on practically any surface
  • Attractive 'Roman Pillar' design in choice of colors

Made from high density 6 pound per cubic foot high density fiberglass, these larger 24"x48" absorptive panels have an increased panel surface to maximize absorption. This makes them particularly effective in larger installations and in rooms where the reverberant field and echo is excessive. Broadband Absorbers can be 'butted-up' for complete wall coverage and maximum absorption or spread in an array to leave a sense of 'air' or natural ambiance.

The large panel design also lends itself to other installations: To control bass in studio and home theatre, thicker 2" and 3" Broadband Absorbers are combined with Corner or Offset Impalers to create an air cavity in behind the panel. For general office noise, thinner 1" panels are easily flush mounted on the wall surfaces using Surface impalers to attenuate the reverberant field. These same panels offer an effective 'upgrade' for drop ceilings as the 2 foot x 4 foot panel size ideally suits standard T-bare grid layouts. This can be particularly effective in commercial installations such as noisy offices, call centers and for boardrooms that need added sound control.

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