Jargar Viola C-String, Dolce

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The production of Jargar viola strings is based on a special, flexible steel core, like the violin strings. All viola strings - A, D, G and C - are wound with thin threads of metal - aluminum, copper and different alloys. The strings produce a big, powerful, distinct and well-balanced tone.

All viola strings are made in 3 tensions:
forte: red color in the ball end and blue color in the peg end
medium: blue color in both ends
dolce: green color in both ends

However, viola D is always brown in the peg end.

The diameters of the medium strings are approx.:
  • A - 0.44 mm
  • D - 0.73 mm
  • G - 0.79 mm
  • C - 1.08 mm
The forte strings are a little thicker and the dolce strings a little thinner than the medium strings.

Jargar viola strings are only produced for full size instruments.

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