Essentials of Music Theory: Software Version 2.0 CD-ROM Lab Pack - Complete Volume (8 Computers)

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Series: Essentials of Music Theory
Category: Textbook - General
Format: Software

For 5 computers (1 Educator, 4 Students) ($40 for each additional user)

By Andrew Surmani, Karen Farnum Surmani, and Morton Manus

Correlating software for the most complete music theory course ever! This all-in-one series includes concise lessons with short exercises, ear-training activities and reviews. Available in two separate volumes or as a complete set, the software includes narration, animated examples and clickable elements for aural reinforcement. Also includes randomized exercises, ear training and review answers. A glossary of all terms and symbols with definitions, pronunciations, and visual and aural examples is also included. The Lab Pack for 5 computers includes the ability to access unlimited multiple student records, a custom test generator, printing of class lists, and exporting and importing of student records in batch. It includes 1 Educator disc and 4 student discs. Each machine running the program will need to have the disc in the CD-ROM drive. With the lab pack, the computers are not networked. Network Versions are also available separately and offer additional functionality.

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UPC: 038081178073
ISBN 10: 0739005995 ISBN 13: 9780739005996

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