Sabian 15007XBS HHX Super Cymbal Set w/ FREE 10" Splash & 18" HHXplosion Crash

Sale Price $1,099.99 Original $2,201.00 You Save $1,101.01


HHX puts out rich, simmering tones that burn through the coolest music. Super sized hammering and an exclusive Tone Projection feature add bite to project the musical sounds of HHX through everything from pumped up grooves and thickly textured tracks, to guitar heavy, high end wailing. HHX combines the best of two worlds, Traditional Tone and Modern Projection. With HHX compromise is not an option. This super cymbal set includes 10" HHX Splash Cymbal, 14" HHX Stage Hi Hat Cymbals, 14", 16" & 18" HHXplosion Crash Cymbals, and 20" HHX Stage Ride Cymbal.

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