Line 6 DT50 1x12" Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo

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The DT50 is an amplification system that is able to configure and adapt its analog components and digital modeling in real time. The New Flagship Line 6 Amplifier uses adaptive technology to ensure the best tone from the Line 6 HD Modeling and Bogner Tube Amp Design. Flexible, simple to use traditional amp operation make this a great choice for a universal guitar amplifier. It has 4 Versatile Tube Amps when used Standalone. Also for total sonic control, get all Line 6 HD Amp Models and FX by adding POD®HD.

How it works: User selects a model, and the amp instantly reconfigures the tube power section to provide the optimal tone. This digital section monitors the tube power section and can adjust the DSP in real-time. At high volumes, the tubes provide more distortion. At low volumes, the modeling delivers more of the coloration. Digital section now "talks" to the analog section, and vice versa. The Benefit? Great tone and authentic feel at all volumes.

  • Amp Type - Adaptive
  • Modeling - Line 6 HD Modeling
  • Tube Section - 2x12AX7 Preamp; 2xEL34 Power Amp(Our First EL34-based Amp)Designed by Reinhold Bogner.
  • Voicings and Bias Type - Selectable, (Cathode or Fixed Bias): Type I (Tight Feedback, California Clean) Type II (Looser Feedback, Crunchy British Feel) Type III (Zero Negative Feedback, Chimey Brit Feel) Type IV (Modern Feedback, Higher Gain)
  • Operating Class and Wattage - Selectable: Class A (25W) <> Class AB (50W)
  • Power Tube Configuration - Selectable: Pentode <> Triode
  • Speakers - DT50 112: Custom Celestion G12H90
  • Foot Controller - POD HD300/400/500 via L6 LINK?; Standard 1/4" Tip-Sleeve Footswitch for Channel Switching
  • Other I/O - Serial FX Loop, MIDI IN/OUT, Cabinet Simulated Direct Out

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