Sabian HHXplosion 16" Crash Cymbal w/ Brilliant Finish

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The latest additions to Sabian's line-up of award winning HHX cymbals are 17" and 19" HHXplosion crashes. These larger models, with solid, heavily hammered raw bells and deeply dimpled surfaces, deliver big, loud, and explosive responses loaded with warm, simmering tone. Like all HHX models, HHXplosion crashes benefit from 'Tone Projection', an innovative Sabian design that projects the 'biting' explosiveness of these cymbals through any style of music.

Handcrafted from Sabian B20 Bronze, HHXplosion crashes feature narrow pinpoint lathing across their top and bottom surfaces, and a solid, heavily hammered raw bell. Available in a choice of Natural or Brilliant Finish, the HHXplosion Crash is also available in 14, 15, 16, and 18-inch sizes.

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