Paiste Rude Classic 17" Wild Crash Cymbal

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Rude is the first cymbal series without lathing featuring uniform thickness and sound engineering to compete with extreme mid-range frequencies and volume levels. They are constructed of CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze", and have a medium loud to very loud volume. They are great for all players who need raw energy and extreme cutting power without sacrificing musical cymbal sound. Rude is raw, lively, bright, energetic, with heavy mid-range harmonics and powerful, cutting characteristics. These cymbals also offer funky, raw surface texture with deep brown to beige and greenish hues featuring prominent hammering patterns.

These lively, medium heavy weight cymbals have a medium to very loud volume with a silky, clear stick sound, and long sustain. Sound Character is very energetic, powerful, metallic, and hissing, with a fairly narrow range, and fairly clean mix. They have a very responsive, giving feel that is very well suited for crash/ride patterns. This is a strong, sturdy, loud crash for aggressive playing styles in loud and extreme musical genres.

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