Bach: Two-Part Inventions (No. 1), Concert Performer Series

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Series: Music Sales America
Publisher: Music Sales America
Format: Softcover with disk
Composer : Johann Sebastian Bach

The Concert Performer Series brings you 12 well-known piano pieces, beautifully presented on strong, high-sheen card, complete with a special CD-ROM which contains both audio and MIDI to help you practice for a truly great performance. About the CD: Track 1 contains an audio concert performance. This track is playable on any CD player or computer equipped with a CD-ROM drive and audio CD player software. Track 2 is a special audio "study track," on which you'll hear the same performance as Track 1 at a slower speed. Listening to and playing along with this track can help you resolve questions of rhythm and interpretation as you are learning the piece. MIDI data is provided for both Macintosh and PC. In order to use these files, you must have software and hardware designed to play and/or edit MIDI files. The file is a type 1 standard MIDI file (SMF) and is completely compatible with most current hardware and software sequencers and players. The instrument assignments conform to the General MIDI Standard. Mute one of the channels to practice one hand alone. Change the tempo or even transpose the whole piece to a new key. Add an orchestral or rock background ? the possibilities are endless!

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EAN: 9780825617324
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Publisher Code: AM948640
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
4 pages

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