Fiddle Magic - Violin/Fiddle Method Book

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Nip the technical hang-ups of intermediate and advanced players early in thier instruction with this extraordinary book of first and third position exercises that precisely isolate the myriad of problems that violinists confront.

By Sally O'Reilly
10-digit ISBN Number: 0849757169
Media: Music Books
Level or Grade: ELEM
Instrumentation: Violin, Piano Acc.
Series: Fiddle Magic
Edition Number: WS8VN

Exercises focus on:
  • Strengthening the left hand using the neglected fourth finger.
  • Allowing time for depth of finger placement.
  • Refining finger motion.
  • Hearing high/low contrasts.
  • Developing flexibility and independence of finger placement.
  • Concentrating on "high thirds" in major keys and "low thirds" in minor keys
  • Executing accurate shifts from first to third position.

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