Kelly SHU KSPS Pro Silver Bass Drum Microphone Shock Mount

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Stage vibrations and low-end transfer can rob your amplified kick drum sound of it's full potential. A shock-mounted kick drum microphone platform is logical defense against these unwanted mechanical interferences. The Kelly SHU is an integrated shock mount and microphone isolation system adaptable to any standard kick drum microphone and any size or depth of kick drum. The system requires 0% of your valuable stage or riser space and eliminates the need of an additional microphone stand for the kick drum mic. Also, no drilling is required for installation. This is the ultimate bass drum microphone isolation and shock-mount system. These Pro Series mounts are made from machined #303 Aluminum, and also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Kelly SHU Pro System includes:
  • The Pro Anodized Aluminum Mounting Unit
  • 10 Installation Holes w/ Grommets
  • 20 Support Cord Hooks
  • 3.5 ft of Solid Rubber Support Cord
  • 10 Interior Installation Loops
  • Universal Mic Post w/ Standard Threads
  • Oversized Jam Nut
  • Complete Installation Instructions

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