Yamaha DC9190A Deagan 1 1/2 Octave Silver Symphonic Series Chimes w/ Cover

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Yamaha/Deagan exclusive tuning and voicing methods ensure true pitch, full sound and is consistent with traditional Deagan tone. Seamless brass tubes offer consistent, resonant tone. The steel frame uprights and lower crossbar maintains stability, and therefore playability of the instrument. A laminated maple damper box stays rigid and straight for even dampening. The one-touch, pedal locking mechanism locks damper box open when desired. All tubes are finished in clear lacquer which promotes warm tone and protects the brass from tarnishing. Features also include a swiveling sustain pedal and locking casters on player side that are easy to reach.

Range: 1 1/2 Octaves (C40 - F57)
Tubes: Nickel/Chrome Plated Seamless Brass
Tube Diameter: 1 1/4"
Dimensions: 71" x 33" w/ 24 1/2" base
Frame: Steel uprights and lower crossbar
Damper Box: Laminated Maple
Casters: 3" w/ two locking casters
Weight: 167 pounds
Pitch: A=442Hz

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