Yamaha RM-TFCTS Aluminum Tubular Carrier for Field Corps Marching Tom Set (10"/12"/13")

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  • Tube carriers feature an ergonomic, lightweight, patented design that makes them optimal for comfort and adjustability
  • Field-Corps tube carriers are adjustable to fit everyone from the smallest student to the largest
  • Aluminum belly plate is lighter and stronger than traditional materials to permit infinite torso height adjustment and tow-in adjustment (angle front to back of tubes near the shoulders)
  • Shoulder flexibility is supplied by camber (left and right( and caster (back to front) adjustments and an adjustable back bar (Adjustable back bar only available with marching tom set carriers)
  • Field-Corps series snare hinge incorporates a leveling system that can be adjusted with the drum in playing position
  • Nylon roller system allows for quiet lift-front capability and quick, easy removal of the drum from the carrier; for larger players, negative tilt is available from the special shape of the carrier-side hinge, which is made of strong, lightweight aluminum parts
  • Patented MAY® free-floating snare hinge eliminates drum shell contact, resulting in virtually no mechanical or sonic stress to the drum shell; lift-front capability tilts for proper playing angle
  • Comfort Core Cushions use a combination of two different types of foam in insolated cubes for comfortable and self-adjusting support;

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