Yamaha KSD255 Student 5.5"x14" Concert Steel Snare Drum

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This standard snare drum is made to meet any student needs. The KSD-255 features a 5.5"x14" 1.0mm steel shell, 10 one-piece lugs, and 1.6mm steel triple-flange hoops. The shallow 1.8mm snare bed and high?carbon steel coiled snares provide an even snare sound at all dynamic levels while the internal mute allows the student or teacher to make easy adjustments to the sound and response.

Model: KSD-255
Size: 5 1/2"x14"
Shell: 1.0mm Steel w/ Center Bead
Finish: Chrome
Snare Bed: Shallow 1.8mm
Lugs: (10) One-Piece Style
Hoop: 1.6mm triple-flange steel
Strainer: B-type
Snares: High-Carbon Steel Coiled 20-Strand
Weight: 8.8 lbs

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