Mogami Platinum Series 1/4" Guitar Cable - 40 Ft, Straight Ends

Sale Price $239.95


Mogami's new Platinum Series Guitar Cable* delivers all the emotion of your performance without loss, coloration or exaggeration. With our Platinum cable, you'll discover the most explosive dynamics, inner detailing, and complex articulation available from your instrument - as it should be. Exhibiting the highest level of transparency, purity, and power - no matter what your style - the new Platinum cable reveals it all as you've never heard before. You'll hear greater articulation from solo passages, along with wider dynamics and frequency response. Mogami Platinum: the best there is - at any price!

  • Superior electrical performance that retains high frequency content - even with extended lengths up to 40 feet
  • Extremely low capacitance for extended high end
  • Available with Neutrik NP2C-AU-SILENT connector - for hot swapping guitars without that annoying pop!
  • Since the Platinum cable has more dynamic range than any other cable, you should expect to make some adjustments with your Gain and EQ settings.

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