Oasis OH-3C - Case Humidifier Combo (OH-6 + OH-2)

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OH-6 Oasis Case Humidifier
The Oasis Case humidifier is the same as the original blue Oasis humidifier but has a unique magnetic system that allows it to attach to the instrument's case. It is especially suited for situations where a sound-hole humidifier won't fit. This includes violin, cello, mandolin or arch top guitar cases. Each Case model comes with a case clip and a stainless steel strip for easy mounting inside the case. A refill syringe is included with every Oasis humidifier.

OH-2 Oasis Digital Hygrometer
Knowing when to use the Oasis humidifier is easy with the Oasis Digital Hygrometer. The easy-to-read display will show when the relative humidity drops below 40%. Oasis humidifiers should not be used when the humidity is above 40%. Each package comes with a case clip and double-sided tape. The hygrometer can be either clipped to the case or secured directly to the lining of the case.

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