Sonaré PS-505 500 Series Flute w/ C Footjoint

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Sonaré flutes offer a range of instruments which allow flutists to perform at top, professional levels. By partnering with one of the world's top flute makers, Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Sonaré is able to offer professional quality at affordable prices.

Through these partnerships, Sonaré obtains high value, handmade instrument components that are critical for acoustical quality. Thus, Sonaré flutes feature bodies made at Powell Flutes using their new patented Zinki technology and handmade Powell Signature headjoints. Both the body and the headjoint are made at Powell's Massachusetts workshop.

Every Sonaré instrument goes through a strict quality inspection and adjustment process by world class Sonaré technicians.

Perfect for students and teachers!

  • Handmade, sterling silver, Powell Signature headjoint made in Boston
  • Silver plated nickel silver body and keys
  • Pointed arms
  • Open Hole
  • C Footjoint
  • Offset G
  • Split E

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