Jupiter 1646L XO Professional Flugelhorn, Lacquered

Sale Price $1,899.00 Original $3,290.00 You Save $1,391.00


XO Series flugelhorns provide a new bore design with the addition of a custom nickel silver mouthpipe, providing a more focused, yet dark, rich timbre. In addition, the new XO flugelhorn has a tunable leadpipe and custom wooden trigger.
  • Lacquered yellow brass finish
  • .413" bore
  • One-Piece hand-hammered 6" bell
  • Tuneable nickel-silver leadpipe
  • French tuning slides
  • Custom wooden 3rd valve trigger with mini-ball linkage mechanism
  • Monel pistons
  • Two-Piece valve casing
  • 3rd valve water key
  • XO Series Tourlite? case

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