Yamaha YEP-211 Lacquer Finish Euphonium

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Yamaha standard euphoniums provide good all-around intonation and responsiveness to foster a feel for correct pitch and phrasing. The laser-fused pluzuma welded bell provides continuous and even bell vibrations in all registers. Pressure-formed tubing ensures reduced resistance and easy blowing. The gold brass leadpipe is corrosion resistant. This model is a front bell model for improved projection and greater presence.

Honed valves
The precise fit between valve casings and pistons after honing means no air leakage

Pressure formed tubing
Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow, thus allowing for an excellent scale and reduced resistance

Laser-fused pluzuma welded bell
A high-energy laser fuses the brass together for a virtually seamless bell, which allows continuous even vibrations

The excellent intonation of the YEP211 helps to foster a feel for correct pitch in beginning players

The responsiveness of the YEP211 assists beginning players in learning the phrasing of the euphonium

The student euphoniums are lightweight, making the easier for younger students

  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .571"
  • Bell: 11" upright yellow brass bell
  • Valves: 3 nickel-plated alloy pistons
  • Clear epoxy lacquer: Microscopic, electrically-charged particles of lacquer are attracted to and deposited evenly on the surface of the instrument carrying the opposite charge. This produces an exceptionally thin, uniform coating that can be oven-hardened for maximum durability without compromising the instrument's sound. The sound produced is a solid, somewhat harder sound than silver-plated finishes
  • Gold brass leadpipes: Gold brass is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion, and hen used in a leadpipe, it ensures long-term precision

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