Rhythm Band Bob McGrath Set w/ CD

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The instruments included in this unique set were selected by Bob McGrath, "Bob on Sesame Street", and are sure to be a hit with pre-schoolers and kids in the early elementary grades. The instruments can be used successfully with the Music For Fun! book and CD by Warner Brothers, and also with Bob's other recordings listed on this page. Set includes Wood Block, Tambourine, Tom Boy, Triangle, Pair of Sand Blocks, Pair of Rhythm Sticks, Pair of Maracas, Pair of Finger Cymbals, Play-Along CD, and reusable box with handle.

Set includes an interactive CD. Performed by Mark Walker and narrated by Bob. Listeners discover each instrument in a game by the Sound, Shape, and Color. Listeners can then play along with five world rhythms: Cha Cha from Cuba, Awa Odori from Japan, Saidi from Greece, March from New Orleans, and Samba from Brazil. In each of the World Rhythms, Mark plays three or four authentic percussion instruments from that country. Listeners learn the names and sounds of 13 different world percussion instruments that Bob identifies.

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