Goodden EM411 Baroque Soprano "C" 3-Piece Plastic Recorder - Beginner Model

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Many recorders exist for your selection. The Goodden Baroque Soprano Recorder has taken years to perfect by leading music educators and tonal acoustical design experts. Modern computer generated technology and state of the art injection methods, backed by craftsman and electronic tuning, assure you the best recorder on the market. The design blends traditional looks with extra strength in the body at all contours and sections. The new head cavity produces a rich and easy to blow tone. Wall thickness, slide fittings, binding and consistent intonation have all been carefully designed in this model to be positive in every concept and application.

  • Designed by Educators for Educators
  • Strobe Tuned for Accurate Intonation
  • Perfect Finger Spacing
  • Baroque Fingering
  • 3-Piece Soprano
  • Includes Bag, Cleaning Rod & Fingering Chart
  • New Head Design
  • Micro Design Tolerance
  • Resin Composite
  • Unique Curved Comfort
  • Adjustable Foot
  • Easy to Blow

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