Hao RD-1 Rust Driver Plexi Distortion Pedal

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The Rust Driver Distortion Pedal from Hao was designed to recreate the classic sound of a late 60's Marshall Plexi running at full-bore grind. Its carefully selected components allow the Rust Driver to faithfully perform this function with any amplifier, at any volume level. The result is a commanding guitar tone with a tight, thick bottom and extremely low signal-to-noise ratio. A single knob controls output level and gain while 3 switchable EQ curves offer plentiful tonal options without compromising your guitar sound. When you need that "Plexi Sound" regardless of the playing situation, the Rust Driver is an affordable, reliable, portable alternative to the real thing.

Overdriven tones of late 60's British Plexi panel amps are still considered by many as among the best guitar tones. The Rust Driver stompbox is designed to produce thick, throaty sound, regardless of pickup types, that enhances the vital frequency range for electric guitars to cut through the mix. At the same time the Rust Driver pedal amazingly maintains a guitar's original tonal character. As a result, Rust Driver generates a tonal character very similar to those fabulous classic amps. With a preset 3-position EQ switch (Normal, Bright, Warm) and a Level control (amount of distortion is fixed), simplicity is the key to Rust Driver's unmatched tonal qualities.

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