Maxon PT-9 Pro+ Phase Shifter Pedal

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With the PT-9 Pro+, Maxon has taken all of their 30+ years of experience designing phase shifters and crammed it into one amazing stompbox. Considering that Maxon are the brains behind such legendary effect units as the PT999, PH350, Flying Pan, Roto-Phase, PT909, Jetlyzer and others, this is saying a lot! More than a reissue, the PT-9 Pro+ features a completely redesigned circuit that is vastly superior to the original 1980's model.

First off, a bit of history: While Maxon designed and manufactured the original PT-9 Phaser that was released under the Ibanez and Maxon brand names; they also developed another version of this model for sale under the Maxon brand name only. This unit was known as the PT-9 Pro, and it used 10-stage optical phasing circuitry in place of the standard 4-stage FET design of the PT-9 to achieve a lush, watery phasing effect that was much more dramatic than the standard model. Housed in a silver chassis, the PT-9 Pro was only sold in the Japanese market and is extremely difficult to find as very few were manufactured and only for a short period of time.

Maxon decided to base the PT-9 Pro+ on this "holy grail" pedal, and the new circuit is an upgraded version of that rare unit using the same type of optical technology. The Pro+ uses current manufacture, low-noise CdS photocouplers in its 10-stage phasing circuit, and the resultant tone is a truly liquid, vowel-like 3-dimensional effect that seems to move right through you. To maximize performance, the photocouplers are hand-selected and matched in order to produce the smoothest phasing effect possible with the lowest residual noise level. Rate, Depth, and Feedback controls allow for precise adjustment of the phasing effect from mellow to extreme, and at higher settings the unit will achieve self-oscillation yielding even more bizarre sound effects. Phasing rate can be monitored via the Rate status LED, allowing for accurate matching of phasing sweep with song tempo.

To further improve performance, Maxon added their proprietary DC-DC stabilized voltage converter to the circuit. This circuitry takes the 9 volt (+/- 4.5 volts) input power and bumps it up to 18 volts (+/- 9 volts). Operation in this voltage range provides a wider dynamic range than an ordinary phase shifters while allowing maximum head room to prevent input distortion. This fuller frequency response makes the PT-9 Pro+ ideal for use with Bass or Keyboards as well as today's high-gain guitar pickups and electronics.

Like all Maxon 9-Series models, the PT-9 Pro+ features True Bypass Switching using a 4PDT mechanical switch, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal when the effect is disengaged.

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