Furman AR1215 Line Voltage Regulator

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Power regulators monitor AC line voltage and correct for irregularities in voltage level. Examples of this are boosting up a low voltage (95V to 115V) or attenuating a high voltage (121V to 131V). Good power regulation can be the difference between life and death for sensitive units such as computers, CD players, mixers, lighting, and other electronic equipment. Furman?s 15 amp AR1215 features eight regulated 117V outputs, eight-segment LED input voltage meter display, and auto overvoltage shutdown. Anyone with a rack of gear should have one of these in it!

More Information On This Product

  • Delivers a stable 120 5 VAC whenever the input AC line voltage is between 97V and 141V
  • Eight outlets on the back panel, one on the front
  • Output capacity 15 amps
  • Eight-tap toroidal autoformer
  • 10-LED bar-graph Input Voltage meter
  • Extreme overvoltage/undervoltage causes instant shutdown, protecting equipment
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown indicator LED
  • Output In Regulation indicator
  • Low stray magnetic field leakage

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