Yamaha RHH135 Electronic Hi-Hat Pad

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A Hi-Hat pad that can be attached to and moved up and down on a Hi-Hat stand. Even for subtle, delicate working of the pedal, the pad moves up and down realistically. Also, it has two different zones, a bow zone and an edge zone, that can produce different sounds when they are hit. The pad also supports foot splashing, and it can be used for advanced Hi-Hat performances. Without a doubt, this pad is perfect for advanced training.

  • Size - dia. 329 mm (13") x 61 (H) mm (Hi-Hat clutch not included)
  • Weight - 1.4 kg (Hi-Hat clutch included)
  • Zone - 2 (Bow/Edge)
  • Connections - Standard stereo phone output jack x 2
  • Package Contents - RHH135 main unit x 1 (Main unit x 1, Clamp base assembly x 1, Stand base x 1)

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