Buffet Green Line RC Prestige Eb Clarinet

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Throughout the years, making good use of its experience and skill, Buffet Crampon has developed the most complete range of clarinets. Musicians needs are constantly evolving and it seems only right that we should grant clarinet players' wishes by creating specialised models. Each of these instruments has its own identity and can be used to play a variety of styles. Each musician will find his or her own personal means of expression.

Using the expertise gathered since 1825, BUFFET CRAMPON has been an innovator in the world of music. Aware of the importance of conserving the world supply of precious wood, such as ebony, BUFFET CRAMPON created in 1994 a modern and innovative material called Green Line.

Green Line is the result of blending 95% of ebony powder with carbon fiber in a process patented by BUFFET CRAMPON. It has the same acoustic qualities as ebony and is suited to the high demands of today's musicians because of its stability in all playing environments.

The addition of carbon fibres means that Green Line clarinets are not susceptible to variations in atmospheric conditions (changes in temperature and humidity), the risk of cracking is therefore eliminated.

All the features of Buffet Crampon Prestige clarinets are to be found in the Green Line range.

Instrument Specifications:
  • Pitch A 440 / 442
  • 17 keys and 6 rings
  • Stainless steel rods and pivot screws
Instrument Characteristics:
  • Body of 95% granulated Grenadilla wood and 5% polycarbonate fibre and epoxy resin. : Clarinet can withstand extreme temperature changes and will not crack.
  • Hand burnished bore : Improve intonation and centers tone
  • Undercut tone holes : Improves tone and ease of response
  • Power forged silver keywork and posts, preplated in copper : Long lasting finish
  • Keywork and posts finished in either nickel or silver plate. : Long lasting finish

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