Union UT3 3-Piece Toy Drum Set with Cymbal and Throne, Metallic Red

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Union's UT3 Toy Drum Set is the perfect way to help the youngest child learn how to play drums. Based on the design of a typical drum set, these are real, tunable drums. When your child has mastered the UT3, they can progressively upgrade to Union's UJ3, UJ5, or U5 drum sets at a great price. This set is designed and performance tested in the USA, and comes with everything needed to start playing, right out of the box.

Includes all-wood drum shells, drum throne, and all required mounting hardware for cymbal, tom and snare. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Drum sizes:
• 8" x 13" Bass Drum
• 5" x 8.5" Tom Tom
• 5" x 10" Snare Drum

Hardware includes:
• All Required Mounting Hardware for Cymbal, Tom and Snare
• Adjustable Mini Throne
• Bass Drum Pedal
• Bass Drum Spurs

Cymbals include:
• 8" Cymbal

Accessories include:
• Drumsticks
• Drum Tuning Key

Products from Union Drums offer Quality and Sound Value across their entire line, perfect for the young musician or the weekend gigging musician. Be sure to explore Union Drum Sets, Union Percussion, Union Hardware, Union Drum Accessories and Union One Earth Percussion.

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