Remo TU341095 Tubano 10"x4.5" Tubanito w/ Caldera Red Finish

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The Tubanito with the Ergo-Drum System produces authentic fundamental sounds of a quinto, conga or the Remo Tubano drum. The Tubanito is 4.5" tall and 10" in diameter so it won't take up much room yet gives a big sound. The Tubanito is designed to be played on a table top, straddled between the knees like bongo drums, or mounted on a standard snare stand. This is an excellent add-on instrument for drum-set or percussion set-ups in tight spaces, as well as drum circle activities, percussion lessons and can easily be muted for late night practice. It is ideal for educational World Music programs where drum substitutions are needed. For example, the Tubanito can be played singularly, in pairs or used by large groups and can be tuned to a specific note. The Tubanito can be a substitute for all three congas just by tuning the drum high, medium or low. It can also be used as a substitute for the Braslian Atabaque, an African Ngoma, or a Japanese Shime Taiko.

The Tubanito features Remo's Skyndeep drumhead with a Calf skin graphic, and is easily tuned with a hex drum key, and stays in tune. Manufactured with Remo's durable proprietary Acousticon drum shell material and the Ergo-Drum System giving you the most comfort when playing. The Remo Tubanito is the best choice for a versatile hand drum. It suits the needs for all drumming activities that require versatile sound quality, affordable price, and compact design from a company that has a true passion to play.

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