Toca Percussion SFDL10RB Lightweight 10" Rasta Hand Drum with Bag

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Don't let the name fool you. These new hand drums from Toca may be "Lightweights," but that only refers to poundage. When it comes to sonic performance, powerful projection, and genuine value, these drums are definitely in the heavyweight category.

The Lightweights Hand Drums feature a patented hybrid design that combines elements of a doumbek with those of a djembe. The sculpted shell is made of an ultra-light synthetic material that dramatically reduces the weight of the drum without sacrificing anything when it comes to tone, resonance, or durability. A rubber edge protects the bottom of the shell.

Each Lightweights Hand Drum is topped with a permanently attached pre-stretched synthetic head. This head provides great playing response and a wide frequency range while eliminating tuning hassles and concerns about the head losing tension. In combination with the ultra-light shell, this durable head helps each Lightweights Hand Drum to produce clean open tones, crisp slaps, and rich, deep bass tones.

The unprecedented portability and sound quality of the Lightweights Hand Drums make them excellent choices for drum facilitators and music teachers. Professional hand drummers will appreciate the Lightweights' potential as soloing instruments. And players of all kinds will appreciate the available hand-painted finishes. The Jamaican-inspired "Rasta" features a bright black/red/yellow/green striped motif, while the African-themed Earth Tone offers an organic brown/black/tan pattern. The fact that the finish covers both the shell and the head adds to the visual uniqueness of these innovative drums.

Lightweights Hand Drums are available in three sizes: 9" in diameter by 16" high, 10" in diameter by 19" high, and 12" in diameter by 22" high. Each drum is equipped with an adjustable carrying strap and comes with a free drawstring-carrying bag, adding to the value of this unique series.

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