Waves Transform Bundle

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Waves Transform Bundle is for anyone looking to push the envelope in sound transformation. Take creative control - shape time, pitch, instrument sound, presence, rhythmic contour, dimension and punch. Four processors using pioneering technologies allow you to easily and intuitively sculpt your sound with clarity and precision.

SoundShifter - Shift the pitch or shift the time or both | 3 tools: Parametric, Graphic, Real Time | 4 algorithm modes: Sync, Smooth, Transient and Punchy | Multiple control and display options: Time, Tempo, Bars, Samples, SMPTE, Pitch, Interval, Frequency | Flexible Link modes: Unlinked, Time, Pitch, Strapped.

Doubler - A dedicated and specialized tool for this popular effect | 2 or 4 voices with independent control of Detune, Pan, Delay, EQ and Volume | Wide modulation options.

Morphoder - For Vocoding and beyond | 8 voice stereo synthesizer | On-screen 4-octave keyboard control | Formant correction | Q optimized bands | Noise generator with filter for articulation control.

TransX - Specialized for shaping transients | Control room sound | Adjust mic distance | Control the pick and stick on guitars and drums | Add punch or soften attacks | Highlight sustain | Subtle and extreme.

Plug-Ins included: Sound Shifter
Waves SoundShifter is for anyone who wants to shift pitch or shift time and the duration of audio tracks. SoundShifter is a NEW processor that enables the manipulation of Time and Pitch while preserving the punch, groove and transients. SoundShifter is unmatched for clarity, timing accuracy, and a lack of artifacts and distortion.

Doubler is for any musician or audio engineer who wants a superior "Double Tracking" effect. The NEW Waves Doubler uses delay and pitch modulation to create a new class of sounds. Unlike other delay and pitch modulation processors Doubler specializes in the double tracking sound that is great on polyphonic instruments and full mixes.

Morphoder is for any musician or audio engineer who needs vocoding type effects. The NEW Waves Morphoder is a vocoder with ease of use and create new worlds of tone and articulation. Superimpose the tone and volume characteristics of any input sound upon the internal synth module or any external instrument.

TranX is for any sound engineer or musician who wishes to shape transients of his tracks. The NEW Waves TransX processor brings innovative ways to rhythmically control your signals that preserve and restore the "life" of the tracks.

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