Waves Platinum Bundle

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Everything you need for the most sonically sophisticated audio processing.

Platinum provides you with essential daily tools, sweetening and mastering processors to sound design mindbenders. Combines all the processors from the award winning Gold bundle, plus new Masters and Renaissance Maxx processors

Included Plug-Ins:
  • L3 Ultramaximizer?
  • C4 Multiband Parametric Processor
  • L2 Ultramaximizer
  • Doppler
  • UltraPitch
  • L1 Ultramaximizer
  • Maxx Bass
  • Linear Phase Multiband
  • Linear Phase Equalizer
  • MetaFlanger (New V5 Features)
  • True Verb Room Emulator
  • Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer
  • S1 Stereo Imager
  • Renaissance Channel
  • Renaissance Equalizer
  • Renaissance DeEsser
  • C1 Parametric Compander
  • Audio Track
  • PS22 Stereo Maker (TDM only)
  • Renaissance Compressor
  • Renaissance Reverberator
  • PsychoAcoustic Analyzer
  • Renaissance Bass
  • Enigma (New V5 Features)
  • MondoMod (New V5 Features)
  • Super Tap (New V5 Features)
  • DeEsser
  • Renaissance Vox

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