Yamaha PHX Phoenix Series Ash 22"x16" Textured Amber Sunburst Bass Drum w/ Tom Mount & Chrome Hardware

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PHX Phoenix Series features 11-ply hybrid shells. The woods used are progressively harder from the center ply to the outer plies. The center ply is jatoba which is a very hard wood and it anchors the fundamental of the shell. Sandwiched on either side of this is kapur. This wood is in the mahogany family and adds warmth to the sound of the drum. The inner and outer plies are maple, except in the case of drums using the optional burled ash outer ply. These drums use an outer half-ply each of maple and burled ash. Maple rounds out the tone adding high and mid frequencies to the shell.

These bass drums feature a 30 degree bearing edge with a sharper edge cut toward the outer plies. This gives the bass drums attack and shortens the decay. Additional features include matching wood hoops, and choice of chrome or gold hardware. PHX drums are available with either maple or burled ash exterior plies. The finishes available on the maple outer ply are Matte Natural, Matte Black, Polar White, and Cherry Sunburst. The finishes available on the burled ash are Garnet Fade, Sapphire Fade, Turquoise Fade, Textured Amber Sunburst, and Textured Black Sunburst.

The item number listed on this page is for an individual component drum, not a complete kit. The photograph on the left may be an example of a complete kit or of a similar component drum and is intended to be a representation of the piece you are ordering. Please pay close attention to the description when ordering each component piece.

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