Advanced Concepts for Blues Guitar Soloing - Softcover w/ CD

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Advanced Concepts for Blues Guitar Soloing the next level up from Barry Levenson’s first book Exciting Concepts for Blues Guitar Soloing. In the first book, Barry explored motific development, conceptual playing over chord changes, phrasing, target notes, bending techniques and advanced position playing. In this volume Barry has transcribed ten solos from his Storyville CD’s Heart To Hand, Closer to the Blues and Hard Times Won. He has analyzed key concepts and techniques in these solos by isolating specific measures and going into in-depth explanations of the more pertinent concepts that comprise these solos. Also, at the end of the book Barry have included a brief discography of CDs and/or songs that will help shed light on these concepts. The solos are the result of all the years of playing, learning, studying, and more playing. Barry hopes that they can be useful in some small way to help others to find their own means of self-expression.
Customer Comments:
Mr. Levenson has indeed created a very useful book for the intermediate to advanced blues guitarist. I very much enjoyed the explanation of each solo's theory and intent (reminiscent of "Blues By the Bar" by Buzz Feiten). I find this technical insight very helpful in preparing my own solos.
This book provides a thinking-man's approach to solo'ing using very beautiful and soulful examples. Barry strips apart the mystery and provides some clear insight to his thinking when crafting storied solos. Now whether the analysis was conducted after the improvisation, scripted in advance, or a some of each - doesn't matter. The result is the same, which is a top-down view on how to creatively solo in the Blues.

Author: Barry Levenson
Publisher: ADG Productions

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