LP Latin Percussion LP1429 Bongo Cajon

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The LP Bongo Cajon applies the concepts of cajon design to the higher-pitched acoustic range of bongo drums. The result is the new LP Bongo Cajon. Along with its compact size (15 3/4" long by 7" wide) and lightweight plywood construction, the LP Bongo Cajon is contoured to fit comfortably on a player's lap, or to be held between the knees in the traditional bongo playing position. Its open-bottomed, twin-chambered shell lets it produce two complementary high and low pitches that "pop" convincingly for a genuinely bongo-esque sound. The LP Bongo Cajon's straightforward design and all-wood construction means no tuning or head replacement - ever. Along with its impressive acoustic performance, this makes the LP Bongo Cajon the perfect "all-purpose, take-anywhere" percussion instrument.

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