Ludwig LB416T Black Beauty 5"x14" Smooth Brass Snare Drum w/ Tube Lugs

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The Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum is considered one of the most desirable drums ever made. The seamless, one piece brass beaded shell provides the legendary balanced metallic-yet-warm sound and ease of tuning that this classic drum is famous for, while the Supra-Phonic snares and classic P-85 snare throw-off provide the unmatched sensitivity professionals demand. The antique black anodized shell, chrome hardware, and imperial lugs make the Black Beauty strikingly beautiful.

The Ludwig 3" x 13" cuts with a bright, piercing tonality and is excellent for music that needs the ultimate sharp-edged snare sound. The 5" x 14" snare is highly versatile, capable of piercing rim shots when cranked up or fatter-bodied tonality when tuned down; excellent performer in a variety of styles. If you need even more volume and presence, then the 6-1/2" x 14" is for you; it delivers meaty rimshots with clarity and projection when slammed, but still retains ultimate sensitivity when lightly tapped.

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