Meinl HE3012 Hand Engraved Copper Doumbek

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Meinl Doumbeks come from the same geographical points of origin as the darbukas, and are a favorite choice of drum for percussionists world-wide. These doumbeks feature an ergonomic, Egyptian-style rounded rim with internal tuning lugs and a synthetic head. The bearing edge is carefully machined to assure consistent tuning. The doumbeks are well suited for fast finger-roll techniques and have a strong projection. The shells are constructed from various materials, each offering a wide range of timbres, weights and visual aesthetics. The copper shell of this Meinl Doumbek measures 8 1/2" x 17 1/8" and is hand engraved for a stunning look. This is a very traditionally looking and sounding instrument. Meinl Doumbeks also come with a carrying bag, spare head, and tuning key.

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