Pearl Wood 12" x 5" FireCracker Snare Drum

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Pearl is known the world over for making some of the finest snare drums in the industry. And when a drummer is ready to experiment with different sounds, usually the first thing to change is the snare, the cornerstone of your kit. Now Pearl has added an explosive line up of snares to supplement your repertoire, the all NEW FireCracker Snare drums. These sonic marvels are available in 2 unique shell configurations, 8 ply Poplar finished in gleaming Ebony Mist or lustrous classic Steel. The 8 plies of Poplar provide a solid, powerful punch with warm balanced sustain. And if it is brilliant attack and unyielding resonance that your crave, the steel shell is your ticket to ride. Both of these unique shell materials are available in 2 sizes, 10''x5'' and 12''x5''.

The item number listed on this page is for an individual component drum, not a complete kit. The photograph on the left may be an example of a complete kit or of a similar component drum and is intended to be a representation of the piece you are ordering. Please pay close attention to the description when ordering each component piece.

  • Shells: Steel or Poplar Wood
  • High Tension Lugs
  • Powerful Punchy Snare to add to Your Kit.

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