Yamaha DG1590A Deagan 2 1/2 Octave Symphonic Bells

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Yamaha/Deagan exclusive tuning method ensures true pitch, full sound and is consistent with traditional Deagan tone. Computer-controlled tempering process assures uniform hardness of each bar to promote consistent, pure tone. 3/8" thick tone bars are made of steel to provide bright, full sound with superior sustain. Single recessed pin bar mounting enhances resonance and increases playing area. Nodal point felt positioning allows maximum bar resonance by reducing bar contact to felt. Also included is a full size, built-in case with removable lid which makes transport easy and serves as a sounding board for bells.

Range: 2 1/2 Octaves (G59 - C88)
Bars: Steel w/ Chrome Finish
Bar Sizes: 1 1/4" x 3/8"
Dimensions: 30" x 18"
Frame: Maple with rubber feet in full size case with removable lid
Weight: 30 pounds
Pitch: A=442Hz

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