CB 6854 2-Octave A5-A7 Bell Kit w/ Carrying Case

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This CB Bell Kit features black and white baked enamel finish bars that correlate to a piano keyboard, stamped pitch letter names with enharmonic sharps/flats, electronically tuned wide bars which provide accurate pitch and easier performance, neoprene bar mounting on all models to increase bar resonance, and ABS endplates. Also included is a double-walled molded plastic case and a pair of duo-tone double-ended mallets.

6854: 2 Octave, A5-A7, Weight: 9 lbs.
Bar Size: 1.25" Wide x 1/16" Thick
Bar Material: Aluminum w/ Enamel Finish
Case: Length 23", Width 11.5", Depth 2.75"
Suspension: Neoprene strips w/ double-pin mounting

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