Yamaha YCL621 Bass Clarinet

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The YCL621 is a professional bass clarinet in the key of Bb. The keys go to low Eb and has a two-piece body. The body is made from grenadilla wood with metal tenon sleeves for improved seal and tonal resonance. The adjustable floor peg provides proper playing position for players of different heights. The YCL261 has a two-piece grenadilla wood body, nickel silver keys, straight tone holes, an adjustable floor peg, and metal inner tenon sleeves.

More Information On This Product:

Two-piece grenadilla wood body
Resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations

Metal inner tenon sleeves
Improve seal and tonal resonance and prevent damage

Ball joint key connectors
Allow ease of assembly and less chance of damage

Adjustable floor peg
Adjusts to proper playing position for players of different heights

Straight tone holes
Consistent, uniform response throughout the instrument's range

  • Boehm system: 20 keys, 7 covered finger holes
  • Special blue steel needle and flat springs: Excellent response and playability
  • Silver-plated keys, bell and neck: Durable and resistant to damage

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