Yamaha YCL221II Standard Bass Clarinet

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The YCL-221 bass clarinet boasts the new pro-neck angle. The pro-neck angle is exclusive to this model and enables a more natural playing position. The matte finish ABS body on the YCL-221 provides a better appearance by showing fewer handling marks, warmer sound, excellent response, and a lighter weight than a grenadilla wood body. The position of the register tonehole is scientifically designed for extremely accurate intonation and the easy-to-assemble joint system and rounded key connector make this an ideal instrument for students. The smaller-sized case design makes it easy to carry the clarinet back and forth to school, and requires less storage space.

Features: Boehm fingering, 20 keys, 7 covered finger holes, Matte ABS resin 2-piece body, Nickel-silver barrel, bell, and keys, Nickel plating, Molded borre, Straight tone holes, Plastic Mouthpiece cap, Nickel-Plated ligature, Blue steel needle springs, Tanned leather pads with tone boosters, Compact ABS case, 4C plastic mouthpiece, Nickel plated ligature, Cork grease, Neck strap, Polishing and cleaning cloths, Adjustable floor peg.

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